ARM DS-5 Pro



ARM DS-5 Professional Edition, Single Seat, Node Locked License. Electronic shipment.

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Features: IDE: Custom Eclipse IDE-Debugger and Streamline as Plugins for Eclipse. Compilation: ARM Compiler-GNU Compiler. System Analysis: Performance Counters-Process Trace-Function Profiling-Function Profiling-Hierarchical Profiling-Call Graph-Stack Usage-Time Filtering-Multicore Drill Down. Debug: Run-Control (JTAG) Multicore Debug-ETM and PTM Instruction Trace-ITM and STM Instrumentation Trace-Linux and Android Native Libraries and Applications-Android NDK-generated Applications. Simulation: Cortex-A8 Real-Time Simulator-Dual-Core Cortex-A9 Real-Time Simulator. Technical Specs: ARM:

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