KEIL C166 Development Tools. Standard Version, Single Seat, Node Locked License.

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The CA166 Compiler Kit for the 166 microcontroller family supports all available XC16x, C16x, and ST10 derivatives and enables you to write and test programs in C or assembly using the powerful C166, C167, and XC167 instruction sets.  On-chip peripherals and other key features of the 166 are easy to access with the CA166 Compiler Kit. Features: µVision Integrated Development Environment Keil XC16x/C16x/ST10 Compilation Tools A166 Macro Assembler C166 ANSI C Compiler EC166 C++ Compiler L166 Linker OH166 Object-HEX Converter RTX166 Tiny Real-Time Kernel You should consider the CA166 Compiler Kit if you... Will work with a variety of 166 microcontrollers, Need to write code in C, Already have a simulator or emulator, Create complex, single-chip applications that require a small real-time kernel. Technical Specs: C166: Product Selector:

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