Ashling Genia for MPC5xxx



Ashling's Genia-PPC Emulator is a powerful networking Emulator for Embedded Development with Freescale PowerPC RISC cores using the Nexus 5001 on chip debug interface.

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Features: GENIA debugging is completely non-intrusive and requires no target system resources. Together with Ashling's PATHFINDER source debugger, GENIA provides powerful run/stop control of embedded software, with hardware and software breakpoints. GENIA provides fast code download to the target system, and allows control and interrogation of all core-processor and system resources. GENIA incorporates high speed Ethernet, USB and serial connections to the host PC. GENIA also supports Freescale (Motorola)'s MPC555 PowerPC automotive and industrial-control microprocessor, using the PowerPC BDM debug interface. As an active participant in the Nexus 5001 Forum, Ashling has worked with Freescale (Motorola) Semiconductors and the other forum members to produce Emulator and Real-time Trace system for Freescale (Motorola)'s MPC56x and MPC5500 automotive microprocessor families, the first microprocessors to incorporate the IEEE-ISTO 5001 (NEXUS 5001 TM) Global Embedded Processor Debug Interface. Includes 14-way IDC Genia Primary Debug Cable with Run-time control support. Technical Specs: Ashling:

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