Ashling Opella-XD for ARM

Opella-XD for ARM


Opella-XD is an ultra-high-speed Debug Probe for embedded development on ARM RISC cores.

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Features: Opella-XD Debug Probe TPAOP-ARM20 20-way. 1" IDC EmbeddedICE debug cable PathFinder for ARM Source Level Debugger for use with Opella-XD Ashling ARM Drivers which allow Opella-XD to be used with third-party debuggers, such as ARM's RealView, Keil uVision and IAR's Embedded Workbench In addition, the software includes a GDB Server driver allowing Opella-XD to work with the open-source GDB based debugger and Eclipse CDT based variants Technical Specs:Ashling: www.ashling.comData Sheet:</a>

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