Ashling Vitra-XD for ARM



Vitra-XD for ARM including all cables and documentation. Powerful High-Speed, High-Capacity Trace (500+ GB).

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Features: Storage: 502GB on-board trace storage memory (2GB DDR3 RAM and 500GB high-speed hard-disk) High capacity hard drive enables long duration real-time trace data collection allowing non-intrusive profiling and code coverage analyses Performance: Parallel (up to 16-bit) trace up to 400Mhz double-data rate (DDR) Serial Gigabit trace (ARM HSSTP). Up to 4 lanes supported at speeds of up to 25.6Gb/s Captured data can be time-stamped using Vitra-XD's 50-bit, 5ns resolution timestamp generator Automatic trace clock/data skew adjustment to ensure the integrity of captured high-speed data Real-time trace streaming to host PC through Gigabit Ethernet interface, allowing unlimited trace capture (pending available Host PC disk space) Fine-grained adjustment of JTAG clock frequency from 1kHz to 150MHz Interfaces: USB2, Gigabit Ethernet: High speed data interfaces to development host High speed interfaces enable full speed trace data collection on many platforms Technical Specs:Ashling: www.ashling.comData Sheet:

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