SMH FlashRunner FR3070A for Agilent. Request A Quote For Pricing



SMH In-System Programmer for Agilent 3070 Utility Card.  Email for Price Quote.

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Features: FR3070A is a programming board that can be mounted on Agilent Medalist In-Circuit Board Test System Utility Card. FR3070A comes with the necessary software and drivers that can be integrated into the Agilent Medalist Window XP environment to improve the user experience in developing and debugging production tests.  FR3070A shares the same programming engine of the FlashRunner series of In-System Programmers.  It currently supports over 4500 microcontrollers and serial memories from the most popular Silicon Manufacturers (Atmel, Catalyst, Cypress, Freescale, Fujitsu, Infineon, Microchip, NEC, NXP, Renesas, Rohm, Silicon Labs, SST, STMicroelectronics, Texas Instruments) and, thanks to its flexible architecture, is ready to support other architectures.  Up to three FR3070A can be fitted in the Utility Card.  The picture below shows the Agilent Utility Card with three FR3070A mounted. Hardware Features: Power supply:12V DC, 2A max; Five digital I/O lines; Two digital I/O or analog output lines; Two programmable output voltages (0 to 15V, 0.25A and 0 to 5V, 0.5A); One analog input line; One programmable clock output; Micro Secure Digital memory card (up to 2 GB); 512 bytes on-board dynamic memory; I/O protection; USB 2.0 and Ethernet connections. Software Features: FR3070A can receive and execute commands in two ways: Over the USB or Ethernet connection; Via “scripts” stored in its Micro SD card. A DLL is provided which allows FR3070A to be controlled by BT-Basic. The FR3070A firmware and programming algorithms are fully upgradable via software. Technical Specs: FlashRunner FR3070A:

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