Sale! CPI2-Gxxxx – Gang Device Programmers

Five-channel In-System Gang Programmer

: CPI2-G05/10V1


Gang programmer with dimensions 150 x 115 x 50 mm (~6"x4.5" x2") equipped with five upright-positioned (perpendicular to the motherboard) CPI2-GM1 programming modules intended for truly independent programming of five or, in the multiplexed mode, ten devices (one group of five devices after another).

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  • Compact design enables embedding into programming fixtures, ATE/ICT;
  • Variety of configurations with 2 to 7 CPI2-GM1 programming modules;
  • With activated CPI2-MUX license each of the N modules installed in the programmer can serve twice as much target devices by programming groups of N devices at a time;
  • Each CPI2-GM1 module can store up to 4 projects on an internal SD card. This allows fast project switching and the highest possible programming speed in stand-alone mode;
  • In the programmer each CPI2-GM1 module operates independently of others;
  • Each module can run its own project i.e. program its own target device with its own specific data;
  • CPI2-GM1 modules in the programmer can be started synchronously or asynchronously;
  • Extremely fast - programs an ARM device with 1 Mbyte memory in about 7s, verifies in about 1s;
  • Multiple gang programmers can be cascaded to form a very large scale machine with total of up to 72x CPI2-GM1 modules controlled by single computer;
  • Supports multiple ISP interfaces: JTAG, JTAG chain, SWD, SPI, SCI, I²C, UART, and more;
  • Supports ISP for devices with Vcc voltages in the range of 1.2V to 5.5V;
  • Flashes devices at distances as long as 3m (10 ft) - actual distance is target specific;
  • Connects to PC via High Speed USB 2.0 or 100 Mbit/s Ethernet interfaces.

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