ARM DS-5 Pro & D-STREAM Bundle



ARM DS-5 Professional Edition, Single Seat, Node Locked License & D-STREAM Debug & Trace Unit Bundle.

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Features: Run control debug and trace unit supporting all ARM and Cortex processors USB 2.0 and Ethernet interface allows direct and remote connections from the host PC Support for JTAG and Serial-Wire Debug target interfaces Code download at speeds of up to 2500 KBytes per second JTAG clocks of up to 60 MHz provide fast software upload over the existing debug port 16-bit wide trace capture at 300 MHz DDR (600 Mbit/s per pin) Flexible trace clock positioning (relative to trace data) Large 4 GB trace buffer enables long-time trace on fast targets Device bring-up and test utilities Flexible architecture to support non-ARM IP and debuggers Technical Specs: ARM:

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