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AbsInt StackAnalyzer automatically determines the worst-case stack usage of the tasks in your application. The analysis results are shown as annotations in the call graph and control flow graph.  Single-computer License, ARM Target Device, includes six months of Support and Maintenance.  Email info@theembeddedshop.com for Price Quote.

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Features: Detailed and precise information on user-stack usage and system-stack usage by application tasks. Stack analysis for all hierarchy levels: routines, basic blocks, assembly instructions. Control-flow reconstruction directly from binary code. This means that StackAnalyzer will not be confused by potential flaws in the debug information. Freely selectable entry points for the analysis. Immediate recognition of critical program sections thanks to color coding. Fully integrated, feature-rich graphical and textual viewers for control flow, analysis results, source code, assembly code, and configuration files. Seamless integration with other analysis tools from AbsInt (e.g. aiT for worst-case execution time analysis) in a single intuitive user interface called a³. Why do you need StackAnalyzer? Stack memory has to be allocated statically by the programmer. Underestimating stack usage can lead to serious runtime errors which can be difficult to find. Overestimating stack usage means a waste of memory resources. StackAnalyzer provides automatic tool support to calculate the stack usage of your application. The analysis results are valid for all inputs and each task execution. StackAnalyzer directly analyzes binary executables, exactly as they are executed in the final system. StackAnalyzer not only reduces development effort but also helps prevent runtime errors due to stack overflow. The analysis results provide valuable feedback in optimizing the stack usage of your application. Supported targets: StackAnalyzer is available for a growing number of target processors and compilers. Seamless integration into your toolchain: StackAnalyzer supports tight integration with state-of-the-art development tools, including: SCADE Suite, the market-leading embedded-software development environment from Esterel SymTA/S scheduling analysis tools from Symtavision TargetLink, the production-code generation tool from dSPACE RT-Druid, the Eclipse-based development environment from Evidence Technical Specs: StackAnalyzer: www.absint.com/stackanalyzer/index.htm

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